Designing for emotion

people will forgive shortcomings, follow your lead, and sing your praises if you reward them with positive emotion.

I am a big fan of Aaron Walter’s work and I actually chose to go to a conference last year because he was one of the speaker. Jared Spool was another so that helped too.

This book goes beyond technology and concentrates on the human touch behind any design. Building a human connection with the audience using the principles of emotional design. A combination of psychology and craftsmanship that gives life and a personality to your design.

Emotional design isn’t just about copy, photos, or design style: it’s a different way to think about how you communicate.

It’s definitely not a recipe that works for any kind of product. If you think about it, a lot of big services lack personality in their interface. They get out of the user’s way completely. For other services, like Mailchimp (where Walter works), everything revolves around their personality and their voice.

Any designer will benefit from reading Designing for Emotion, even if you don’t agree completely with what it teaches.