Designing News

Designing News was recommended by Anton Repponen via this blog post with design books reccomandations.I have to admit I have a little bit skeptic at first not knowing what to expect. I am really happy I picked it up – it ended being a great resource, full of case studies, insights, examples and all arround a great inspiration resource.

It’s incredibly satysfing if you are interested or involved Editorial design especially considering that this isn’t an outsider talking about the industry – Franchi is the art director at IL, a monthly italian magazine.


It’s very well documented and the range of case studies is really interesting. I particularely loved reading more about the redesign of the Guardian’s font, the design of

Good journalism is the foundation underlying every quality newspaper, but on its own it is not enough to guarantee good circulation. A newspaper or, in general, an organized system for the production and distribution of information forms a sort of interface with the environment. And so it is clear that the design of this interface is very important. It determines how the newspaper works, how people use it, its ability to fuel debate, its ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions.


This was Christian’s first draft of teh Neue Haas Grotesk revival, which he tested in real headlines to see how much more efficient it was than the Neue Helvetica the Guardian had been using



The book explores in great detail the shift in mentality that happened since the late 1990s and early 2000s when newspapers simply reproduced their print editions online. Another topic is the struggle of coming up with the perfect solution for distribution on iPads, a device that are perfect for news consumption.


You can learn more about Designing News and Francesco Franchi on