The Elements of Graphic Design

The Elements of Graphic Design is a great book if you are thinking about expanding your knowledge in this field and you don’t know where to start. It’s an intro book that has a lot of depth.

I have the first edition but you should pick up the second. It has been enhanced with some new examples that expand and better clarify the concepts.


This book is divided into four main areas: Space, Unity, Page Architecture and Type. As you can probably imagine it has a clear focus on print media and all the examples are from printed works of art. The second edition has a new section on Web Design.

Why I liked The Elements of Graphic Design

The power of this book is in the plethora of examples. It is really easy to grasp the concepts when you see them illustrated so well. I also want to note that it can serve as great inspiration for designers that work with other mediums. I think that seeking inspiration in related mediums will produce great results.

Should you read it? Absolutely. It won’t take long to go through it and I am sure you will get some new knowledge or inspiration.

inside spread from the elements of graphic design

Design is simple when you remember it is a process, not a result:

Define the problem you have been given. This is usually a redefinition because you have been given an apparent problem. The redefinition must home in the real issues. If you don’t become clearer about how to handle the material, you haven’t redefined the problem accurately enough.

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