Logo Design Love – 2nd edition

Logo Design Love by David Airey was one of those books that turn out to be a great and pleasant surprise. I’ve been familiar with David’s work for a long time. His blog is a great resource for designers and he is always helpful and eager to contribute to the community.


I finally decided to read his book and I am so glad I did. It’s rare to find one that I just can’t stop reading but Logo Design Love turned out to be just that. It’s the perfect mixture of information and examples and he is doing a great job covering most of the aspects of design. Process, staying motivated, pitching a design and business advice.

What makes Logo Design Love special?

There are two things that I liked a lot. First is that there is a wealth of information about the process of designing a logo. he’s not vague about this, there are a lot of examples and drawings of logo design iteration and ideas. You can get a good feel of what goes into designing a logo.



The other thing that I really liked is that he is not shy to share his mistakes. Everyone makes a lot of mistakes at the beginning of one’s career. It’s good to see that you are not the only one.

Make sure you read David’s blog too!