No Interface : The Best Interface Is No Interface

The first time I cam across the ideas discussed in this book was at a conference in 2014 when Golden gave his talk.

A version of that talk can be seen here- from his SXSW keynote – “The Best Interface is No Interface”

And here are the slides.

I think this will give you a good feeling about what the book is about.

With UI, we are faced with counterintuitive interaction methods that are tailored to the needs of a computer. We are forced to navigate complex databases to obtain simple information. We are required to memorize countless passwords with rules like one capital letter, two numbers and a punctuation mark. And most importantly, we’re constantly pulled away from the
stuff we actually want to be doing.

By embracing No UI, the design focuses on your needs. There’s no interface for the sake of interface. Instead, computers are catered to you.